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Yay! It's Spring Break! Well, I finally managed to fix some of the bugs on the page...

Hey everyone, well mid-terms and finals are finally over! Looks like we have some problems with some of the D-ko's review pages, I'll see what I can do about it. If anyone has ideas on how to improve the page, please let me know on the message board or through e-mail, thanks!

I tried to add some real audio and windows media player format background music...but they didn't work...if anyone can give me some tips, please post them in the message board, thanks!

Ok, I've fixed the themes for most of the pages, I there are still a few bugs to work out, but the general layout is basically done...I think =)

Bwahahahaha...I have taken over the Anime club page!!!! Yes, I have returned to my domain bwahahaha...ok ummm...acctually, I talked with Sabacc and we decided that it'd be easier if we acted as co-webmasters. =) Yes, I've made a new design for the page, I will try to get the links up and the rest of the sections to fit the design, enjoy!